Terumi Isogai


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Healing energy

Calibration and Regeneration - a total harmony of Body-Mind-Emotions.

Empower you to find your own inner healing ability.

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Relaxation / Therapeutic Massage

Each session is unique and I will be guided to bring energies which are best resonance and most beneficial to the session / client.

The  healing modalities I have studied;

I believe we are born perfect. Through our busy lives, we get lost and influenced by others’ energy and start to feel  ‘out of sync’. My role is to tune your natural rhythm back into the balance; hence the title Calibration. I calibrate your system and you allow it to happen. The healing works like a tuning fork to tune the instrument! Energies I connect to will let you re-engage with your original source - where you are perfect and magnificent. This will enable you to feel your true essence and bring it back to your present life.

The work I do is little hard to explain in words. But like things which cannot be explained or understood well with our brain (like electricity and the Internet!), it doesn’t mean they do not work. I want you to trust your instinct and join me in a wonderful world of Total Calibration and Transformation. You get to feel and receive your own answers to your life!

Healing will reach deeper into your soul and DNA as you progress your healing process. Healing response can be in a instant, however 3 sessions are recommended and see how your can transform your life!  

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Energy Healing - Calibration and Regeneration

I offer mobile service so that you can stay at home to enjoy the total relaxation. For availability and price, please go to Booking page for more information.  

(please note there may be a travel fee applies depending on your location. Also I might not be able to get to you due to parking/access difficulties.)

I am here to deliver what you seek, and happy to combine relax/therapeutic massage, reflexology, positional release, and energy healing!

We can relieve stress by touch as our hands have amazing healing properties! When our body is relaxed, healing on all levels can be achieved.

• Reduce stress and tension in the body.

• Energy, blood, nutrition, oxygen flow smoothly and efficiently.

• Feel more positive and give vitality.

• Body and mind feel more relaxed.

• Body moves efficiently and maximise the performance.

• Prevent illness and injuries.

• Help to align structural imbalance.

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